It's a Brinjal Story

While there's a lot being spoken in social media and other forums to improve the livelihoods of farmers, most of the times, it just remains as spoken words. The actual change that has been brought in the livelihood of farmers is very little. We did not want to be the ones who just talk about farmers' problems or just pity on the underprivileged conditions of certain farmer sector.​ We wanted to get something in action, no matter however small it could be.


Being farmers ourselves, we understand the challenge every farmer undergoes right from the time the seed is sown till the produce is marketed. It's an herculean task to get the crops raised crossing various hurdles and even more challenging is to sell the produce for a better price. 


Let me narrate the actual incident that created a spark to get into action. It was the harvest time at our farms at village, where we had grown Brinjal. As most of the times, the rates down. We had to sell the brinjals for Rs 7 per kg at farm gate to a trader. Believe me, it didn't even fetch the cost of harvesting.


Post the harvest, I travelled from the village to Chennai, where I live. I had brought few kilos of Brinjal for our consumption but found that my wife had just bought half Kg of brinjal from the street vendor at there rate Rs 35 per kg.


Yes, when the Brinjal sells at Rs 7 per kg at my farm and I had to buy the similar Brinjal at Chennai for Rs 35 per Kg. That's 5 times multiplier and the most annoying thing that happened on the day.We the team of 3, discussed this and decided we should put in our efforts to explore a possibility of changing this and here were are with you.


S. V. Srikanth

Adyar, Chennai

β€œIt's a great initiative on your part for having started this for residents of Adyar region. It has win win potential."


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